Your iHub will increase your digital presence and help your business grow.

This affordable solution will change the way your business reaches and communicates with its target market, ensuring you connect with relevant contacts to uncover new opportunities.

Your iHub is a subscription based advertising platform that provides you with a dedicated Business Page, where you can outline details of your business, the services provided, any upcoming events, properties or even job vacancies. All of which can be viewed and rated by people in your local area.

With Your iHub, we could have you set up and online the same day, meaning you have a digital presence and instant visibility to your potential new clients.

The objective of Your iHub is to build a community of reputable businesses and make it as easy as possible for potential new customers, to find you and the services you provide. All of this is achieved by creating a user friendly and intuitive platform, enabling individuals or other companies to search for you with ease.

Your iHub will be promoted using various marketing methods including flyer drops, exposure at local events and we’ll even promote your services through our social channels, maximizing Your iHub subscription further still.